• Sperm Matters
    Sperm Matters
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    It takes two to make a baby and the quality of the sperm matters in fertility. Current tests for sperm are very basic. They cannot test for the quality of the sperm or the DNA present inside. Below are simple yet effective ways to improve the quality of your sperm. Good quality men’s vitamin containing:…

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  • Supplementation for Fertility
    Supplementation for Fertility
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    When looking to become pregnant one of the most important factors to look at is egg quality.  Numerous tests have been done in labs for the past 10-20 years which have narrowed down which supplements have the biggest impact on egg quality and quantity in regards to ovarian reserve and IVF follicle numbers. It is…

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  • Going through IVF- Preparing
    Going through IVF- Preparing
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    I’ve been doing fertility acupuncture for around 15 years and have walked hundreds of women through the ups and downs of the process. It is very much like being on a roller coaster. Especially emotionally. This series of blog posts are on the conversations I have with women when they start down this path. I would…

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  • Starting a Meditation Practice
    Starting a Meditation Practice
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    The modern world has given us many material comforts, but one of the often unnoticed side effects is the constant stress we feel on a daily basis. Whether it’s the negative news we hear, being rushed for time, work or family pressures we all seem to be going at a very fast pace. One of…

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  • Patience and Control in fertility
    Patience and Control in fertility
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      This may seem like a strange topic, but in reality this is the conversation I have the most often with my patients. Especially fertility patients, where everyday that does not bring to fruition their goal of a healthy baby can cause anxiety, fear and even panic. Couple that with our societies emphasis on going…

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  • Seed Cycling – Balance Your Hormones
    Seed Cycling – Balance Your Hormones
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    As a woman, balancing your hormones is very important for your overall health and fertility. You can use nutrition to help with this, and seed cycling is one of those secret weapons. As women, when our hormones are imbalanced, we can experience infertility, cyclical breast pain, mood swings, and more. If your estrogen and progesterone…

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  • How Does Acupuncture Work?
    How Does Acupuncture Work?
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    First, lets just jump in a watch a video. This is a great 2 minute clip that will breakdown the way acupuncture works in a brilliant analogy.   Thinking of your body as a system of roadways is the easiest way to understand how one problem can lead to several others, and this is not…

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  • Calgary Fertility Acupuncture: Choosing a specialist
    Calgary Fertility Acupuncture: Choosing a specialist
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    When you’re looking for Calgary fertility acupuncture, because of infertility, or to prepare you for pregnancy, you may be tempted to select an acupuncturist who only deals with fertility issues. At The Acupuncture & Health Centre we are well known for our fertility treatments. But we don’t just treat infertility patients, or focus on fertility…

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  • 10 Ways to Increase Your IVF Success
    10 Ways to Increase Your IVF Success
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    Preparing for an IVF cycle can be stressful in a many ways. The investment of time, money and emotional energy is high. Because of this is it important to prepare your body as much as possible before doing a cycle. This can benefit both the quality of the eggs and the endometrial lining therefore increasing…

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  • Recent Trip to China
    Recent Trip to China
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    Continuous learning is the hallmark of any progressive professional regardless of their field. Even in the discipline of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has existed for more than three millennia, this is essential. I would say it is especially true for Classical Chinese Medicine practitioners. There are layers upon layers of expertise that can only be…

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