• Acupuncture for Migraine Headaches
    Acupuncture for Migraine Headaches
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    Everyone should get acupuncture for migraine headaches. So many people suffer from the pain of migraines. Whether they are experienced frequently or just occasionally, the symptoms can be debilitating, stopping people from working, eating, or even standing up. Migraine symptoms vary from person to person, from light sensitivity to nausea. One this is certain, they…

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  • Recurrent Miscarriage
    Recurrent Miscarriage
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    This is a topic that is not often discussed but that has touched many people: recurrent miscarriage. Most western doctors consider it to be either a fluke or a chromosomal issue that¬† has few treatment options. Sometimes they offer progesterone but studies have shown that there is no difference in clinical outcome compared to a…

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