Restoring Vision

Western Medicine tends to treat eye conditions very differently then how Eastern medicine treats it. The eye in Western medicine is treated as an isolated organ and decline of vision is said to be a natural process that at best will either stabilizes or get worse. The Eastern viewpoint deals with the body as a whole instead of individual parts. Chinese medicine treats the problem as both an eye issue as well as a whole body problem. This can help get at the root cause of why you developed the condition in the first place and create a longer lasting and more effective treatment protocol.

How Acupuncture helps improve vision:
-Increases blood flow to the eye
-Stimulates nerve cells
-Charges dormant retinal cells
-Regulates the autonomic nervous system
-Promotes parasympathetic response
-Treats BOTH eye condition and underlying cause

The primary objective for preserving vision:
-Improve Circulation
-Stimulate Photoreceptors, Optic Nerve and Visual Cortex
-Decrease Inflammation
-Identify and manage causative factors
-Long term Neuro-Protection

The most commonly seen eye conditions:
-Dry Eyes
-Macular Degeneration
-Retinitis Pigmentosa
-Diabetic Retinopathy
-Dry Eyes

If you or anyone you know have questions or concerns about their vision please feel free to contact the office. Vision can be restored!


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