Recurrent Miscarriage

A much-awaited pregnancy is greeted with elation and hope, so the set-back of a miscarriage can be very painful. Repeated and recurrent miscarriages are made even more heartbreaking when western medicine offers few answers and fewer remedies. Frequently, western practitioners may leap to one of the few explanations they have – chromosomal problems – which is not always the case.

Women with recurrent miscarriage issues will find their best explanations and proactive treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine and eastern medicine, which analyses a client’s entire integrated system to discover the underlying contributing factors. Often this falls into four broad categories but with individualized complexities – Blood Deficiency, -Qi (energy) Deficiency, -Heat -Cold Uterus While there may be physical signs of these four conditions, they likely do not seriously impact the health of the woman herself. However, when her body is being asked to sustain another life and the delicate balances and shifts required for this, these underlying imbalances make sustaining a pregnancy challenging.

For this reason, women who have experienced more than one miscarriage would be advised to rebalance their bodies to prepare for a successful and healthy pregnancy. Eastern medicine knowledge even suggests that the more miscarriages a woman experiences, the more entrenched the body’s responses become in this same pattern of reaction. Therefore, taking action in advance of renewed pregnancy attempts is highly recommended.

When recurrent miscarriage, eastern medicine employs dietary alterations and acupuncture sessions along with personalized herbal medicine mixtures.

“I often hear of western fertility specialists prescribing Aspirin to thin the blood,” comments Dr. Angela Fingler, a foremost TCM fertility specialist in Calgary Alberta. “However, thinning the blood doesn’t ensure that blood will flow better to the organs and systems that a particular woman may be challenged with. Chinese herbs have the ability to not only strengthen the blood flow and production, but by using what we call “director herbs”, we can ensure that we are focusing on the right area for that woman’s specific imbalances. At my clinic, we blend our herbal prescriptions right on site to ensure the right combination of herbs. This can be difficult to achieve when using premade formulas.”

The challenges of Qi deficiencies, or energy deficiencies, relate to the amount and flow of energy throughout a system. When a woman’s’ energy levels are too low there is simply not enough Qi to sustain a pregnancy. It is important for her to take time and rebuild her body and balance her emotions through good diet, exercise, proper rest, meditation, herbs and acupuncture. Acupuncture and herbs assist in renewing and rebalancing those energetic flows to optimal levels.

“Generally I find that we can rebalance a woman’s underlying challenges within three cycles by following specialized treatment plans. That lays a solid foundation for her best success,” explains Dr. Fingler. “Once those issues have been addressed and the couple is actively trying to achieve pregnancy, we then focus our treatment sessions to on optimal implantation conditions exist and hormonal balance, and then continue to support the pregnancy especially in the first trimester.”

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